How to Save Paper, Ink, and Money with Printfriendly

Did you know you can power your home for 10 months with the same amount of energy it takes to produce 1 ton of office paper? Or that every year 350 million ink cartridges are sent to the landfill?

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I’ve been seeing show up repeatedly in the referrer section of my blog stats. Presumably because people are going there to print more efficient versions of my website “how-tos”. Thanks, conscientious people! I hadn’t heard of Printfriendly until you did that.

Here’s a quote from their About page:

How It Works

  • Prints Clean: Our algorithm removes ads, navigation, and all the junk you don’t want to print.
  • Prints Pretty: We use best practices in print Typography to format your document for great readability.
  • Customize: Save even more paper and ink, remove images, paragraphs, and Get PDF

I’ve added their light green, user-friendly blog button to the bottom of my posts. It was simple to do and I recommend the service to anyone with a website or blog!

Eliza Lord

I'm a Greenville, SC native (the Appalachian foothills) who wears the hats of Greenville Master Gardener & Upstate Master Naturalist. I love to write about food and sustainability.

2 thoughts on “How to Save Paper, Ink, and Money with Printfriendly”

  1. Meredith - March 4, 2010 11:10 am

    This is really exciting! Thanks for sharing the information. I hate when I need to print something from the web at all, because I know it’s going to print all kinds of extras… and we prefer not to waste trees in this house, as you can imagine. :) Going to alert all my friends, and I already put it on my blog, too.

    1. Sustainahillbilly
      Twitter: appalachianfeet
      - March 5, 2010 10:48 am

      Great!! :)

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