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How to Stop and Smell the Flowers (GBBD) #1

Well, not really. Even if I could find any flowers for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, I think the crisp fragrance of winter would have taken precedence.

Sometimes the only “How To” needed is how to relax and take it all in. Here’s what I found “blooming” out in the garden this morning.

Photo Caption: My mom says all gardens need chairs.

Photo Caption: White arum blooms become starkly orange berry stalks... but the only thing blooming here is the frost.

Photo Caption: Native redbuds bloom so prolifically that they even have edible flowers sticking out of their trunk. The seed pods rattle all winter.

Photo Caption: So far our eastern hemlocks haven't bloomed with woolly adelgid pests, which is a very good thing.

Photo Caption: Some actual flowers! These camellia blooms are unlikely to open but I love their frostbitten mauve hue.

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