How to Avoid Disappointment on the UFT

We wanted to let everyone know that the 2013 Greenville Urban Farm Tour website has some misinformation that we hope will be fixed soon. In spite of the detailed listing under their “Tour Sites” link, Appalachian Feet is not one of the sites on the fall UFT. Please do not stop by our house that day.

If you want to see us during the UFT you can catch up with us at our Q&A table located at the North Main Organic Garden (formerly called the GOFO Community Garden). Again, please do not stop by Appalachian Feet during the UFT, our yard is not available that day. We will likely participate if there is another UFT in the spring.

Photo Caption: This photo was taken in the spring. It’s fall, and we don’t have much to look at right now. Also, our bees are a lot more grouchy when they are guarding their winter stores vs. busily gathering nectar in the spring. We decided to wait until the next spring farm tour to participate.

Thanks everyone!

Eliza Lord

I'm a Greenville, SC native (the Appalachian foothills) who wears the hats of Greenville Master Gardener & Upstate Master Naturalist. I love to write about food and sustainability.

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