SC Organic Growing Conference Placeholder

I taught two classes at last Saturday’s SC Organic Growing Conference — one on farmscaping and the other on southern passalong plants for permaculturists. I promised everyone to put the handouts online, which is still on my todo list. Being me, I got sidetracked reading some new studies and expanding my farmscaping spreadsheet so the official blog post with the handout will likely go up next week. In the meantime, here’s some links to relevant blog posts I’ve written with similar information:

I promise the other info, including handouts for Nathaniel’s 2 classes, will be up soon and I’ll send an email newsletter to let everyone know.

Here’s a pic of the Appalachian Feet Mountain Arts booth from the conference. We were handing out flyers for our classes.


Photo Caption: We’re especially pleased with the new poster and Rayna’s chalk marker board (she’s planning to use it for selling mushrooms).

Eliza Lord

I'm a Greenville, SC native (the Appalachian foothills) who wears the hats of Greenville Master Gardener & Upstate Master Naturalist. I love to write about food and sustainability.