How to Buy Tame, Hand-Fed Easter Egger Hens from Our Daughter


This summer our daughter Rain decided to raise the tamest Easter Egger hens and sell them once they were close to laying age. She is selling them for the excellent price of $20.00 each. They are now large and feathered enough to be housed in outdoor coops but young enough they haven’t started laying yet. They will start laying sometime between fall and spring (most likely in the spring when the days start to lengthen… most chickens don’t lay well in the winter, anyway). They are nearly full grown but will get a little larger (so you will know for sure you aren’t buying 8 year old adults that are past their laying age).

Scroll down for more info about Rain’s lovely chickens, or just click on these thumbnails to be taken to Square Market for purchasing:

Brown and Orange Easter Egger Chickens, $20.00, CLICK ON PHOTO TO PURCHASE

White Easter Egger Chickens, $20.00, CLICK ON PHOTO TO PURCHASE

Mostly Orange Easter Egger Chickens $20.00, CLICK ON PHOTO TO PURCHASE

Rain acquired these chicks at the day-old stage (sexed as all females, though we did wait until they were old enough to identify any accidental roosters and discovered one male that we already found a home for). Once they outgrew the chicks-in-a-baby-pool stage we moved them to a coop & outdoor pen on a friend’s farm in Pelzer, SC. They have never been overcrowded and are incredibly cheerful, healthy birds. They are friendly enough to jump into laps if they think they’ll get a treat. Some of them will perch on your arm or shoulder and all of them will eat out of your hand. Even if you aren’t interested in pet hens, it is very useful to have tame chickens when you have need to catch them for wing clipping, relocating, medication, etc. Tame chickens also have fewer and less violent arguments when establishing their “pecking order.”

Photo Caption: Rain holding one of the Easter Eggers we kept. The rest were transferred to our friend’s private farm so they wouldn’t be crowded.

They are clever foragers for free range birds, though you may need to clip their wings if you want them to stay in a low-fenced pen.

If you are new to chicken keeping it is very easy to get started and they take about as much time and effort as a pet cat. Here’s a great link on getting started with chickens. This website has the best forums on the subject, too:

Backyard “How to Get Started Keeping Chickens”

The most important thing is to build or buy a predator-proof coop and to make sure you have enough room per bird — chicken health is almost entirely related to them not being crowded or subject to predation. The only reason we ever hear of for people failing at keeping chickens is they don’t make sure their coops are raccoon & dog proof. This is an excellent link detailing how to keep your chickens safe from predators; I particularly second the advice on using 1/4th inch hardware cloth and burying it alongside the run. Our coop has a temporary run so if the chickens get up in the morning earlier than us, they can forage a bit before we let them out to free range. I am excited to learn about this electronic poultry door, too – it would be very convenient. Another great chicken product is the Avian Aqua Miser waterer… our chickens use them with ease and we never deal with poopy water or spillage. However, for the most part you need a good coop, chicken food, and a source of water.

Photo Caption: Nathaniel hanging out with the chicks when they were about 4 weeks old. They are tame enough to act like a pet parrot.

Again, Rain is selling them for $20.00 each and they come in a wide range of colors even though they are the same breed. We have the most of brown & orange colored birds but there are some other options. Each hen has its own, unique pattern. CLICK HERE to purchase your birds. Once you have paid we will use the contact info you provide to set up a meeting place. You can come to the farm to pick them out yourself or have us pick them and deliver them to you — if you live far away you will need to do the bulk of the driving.

CLICK HERE to be taken to our Square Market store to purchase chickens from Rain. Scroll down until you see the 3 types of chickens available. They are first come, first served. Payment is required to reserve your birds.

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