How to Buy Tame, Hand-Fed Easter Egger Hens from Our Daughter


This summer our daughter Rain decided to raise the tamest Easter Egger hens and sell them once they were close to laying age. She is selling them for the excellent price of $20.00 each. They are now large and feathered enough to be housed in outdoor coops but young enough they haven’t started laying yet. They will start laying sometime…

How to Make Venison Sausage and Kale Quiche with a Side of Lemon-Ginger Beet Salad

While I think that there is a wide variety of reasons why we garden, arguably the biggest one is to have fresh homegrown food. I really enjoy cooking, and the appeal of growing my own quality ingredients was what got me started on the path to being a gardener. We didn’t keep a garden this winter so¬†our own ingredients have…

How to Miss 21 Chickens (Even if They Were Living in Your Kitchen)

It’s chicken-mania at Appalachian Feet lately. We started with 27 chickens in early May with the goal of keeping 6 for our personal backyard flock. Yesterday, we said goodbye to 21 of them (they are destined for good, free-range farm homes with people we know). We’re glad to know these laying hens will be treated well, but that doesn’t make…

How to Name Six Chickens

Here’s a quick photo essay to introduce you to our little flock (now 5 weeks old). It’s amazing that it only took 5 weeks for them to go from this (the extra 21 chicks in this video go to some farming friends of ours): To this: Yay for our chickens!

How to Find Local Food

Whether you’ve never even grown a houseplant or your family sucks down all the fresh cukes from your garden so fast that you need an extra basket with which to make pickles, you can probably find what you need from a local source.