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How to Grow Tasty Citrus Outside in Zone 7+ (Tangerines, Grapefruit, Oranges, & More)

On Friday, February 25th we left our Appalachian foothills home at 9:30am and drove to a nursery that grows tangerines, satsuma mandarins, naval oranges, kumquats, grapefruits, and other citrus in an outdoor orchard. No, not Florida! Even after touring the nursery for over an hour, stopping for lunch, driving slowly through heavy thunderstorms, and navigating […]

How to Find Great Plants, Issue #1

The best plants I’ve ever grown were recommended to me by other gardeners, and this blog carnival seeks to collect posts about exemplary food and ornamental plants.

*Edit: I’m still experimenting with the best format for this carnival. Expect improvements in future issues.

CLICK ON THE PHOTOS to visit the blog article on each plant!


How to Grow Citrus in Pots

Appalachian residents don’t usually think of citrus as a local food but if you have a sunny window or greenhouse to overwinter your plants, you can grow citrus indoors.

Photo Caption: Beautiful and functional, this great-tasting lemon has a pink interior when sliced.

Citrus require a moderate amount of maintenance to thrive but they […]